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Polarized lenses have long been known and proven to enhance visibility and reduce glare under any & all conditions.  Rain or shine, ice or snow, sea or air, fog or haze, these lenses offer you the following benefits:

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Ultra Violet Protection
Elimination of Ultra Violet Rays - all of our lenses are UV400, meaning they block 100% of UVA & UVB.  As a result, your eyes are not subjected to any harmful rays.

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Our lenses will provide a sharper vision under any environmental condition.
without polarization with polarization
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Underwater Visibility
Polarized lenses are the ONLY lenses that provide visibility below the surface of the water in a marine environment.  This can be extremely helpful to a fisherman, sailor, on any other boating or fishing enthusiast.

Can you see the fish?
Drag your mouse over these images to see the difference with Polarization.

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